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After-sales Support

Warranty Registration

All parts and services of registered orders have a 36-month warranty since purchased date, as long as the ink, consumables and software are from ACHI ( Free mainboard replacement within 3 months)

30 day return will not apply if machine is extremely damaged due to neglect.

For example , If Print head scratch film paper or working table , The nozzle photos must be provided before return.

Online support:

Our engineer can help you install software , install AB film via teamviwer .

If any questions ,ddi not hesitate to cotnact us

After-sales policy:

1.Warranty period of 3 years. Parts in contact with ink (or damaged due to ink) are not covered by the warranty (print head, waste ink pump, ink tube, ink cartridge). If the main board is burnt out, it needs to be sent back for repair, and there will be a charge if not returned;

2.Within one month after the customer receives the goods, if other parts are damaged, we are responsible for sending the parts free of charge (including bearing the shipping cost);

3.If the customer feedbacks other damaged parts one month after receiving the goods, we will still bear the cost of replacing the parts and provide online after-sales service, but the shipping cost shall be borne by the customer;

4.If the machine has not been filled with ink and is returned within a week in its original packaging, it can be returned. If ink has been added, the goods cannot be returned or exchanged.

If need any file and help , Did not hesitate to contact us

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