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How to Choose correct UV DTF printer for small business or Startups ?

How to Choose correct UV DTF printer for small business or Startups ?

First of all, the most important thing to choose a crystal label printer is to look at its printing effect, from the aspects of speed, accuracy, color performance, and pasting fastness, The tonality of the product.

ACHI UV DTF printer customized sample

You can prepare some icons for the manufacturer to print, first print some samples to check the printing effect, and select the most suitable equipment in the process.

The second is the flexibility of crystal label printers for mass production, because with the gradual increase in customized business, the traditional large-volume printing demand will gradually decrease, and more and more manufacturers are beginning to pursue small-volume orders.

so an excellent crystal label printer must meet these two requirements at the same time: large-scale production does not delay, and small-batch personalized production is also satisfied.

Third, the technical team that supports the equipment, that is, the brand of the manufacturer, must be strong.

Only when a piece of equipment is guaranteed before and after sales can it be supported and trusted by consumers.

Therefore, when purchasing equipment, it is necessary to check whether the manufacturer of the equipment is There are excellent technical support and perfect after-sales service.

ACHI UV DTF printer first advantage is the cost, the price is less than half of the large crystal label printer, which saves more costs and greatly reduces the risk of venture capital.

The second is the small size, which is more convenient for transportation and handling, and has lower requirements for the area of the processing site, so it can be placed on the ground casually Or you can start working immediately on the table, which is very friendly to entrepreneurs with low capital.

ACHI UV DTF printer sample

The third is lower labor costs. The ACHI UV DTF printing and laminating all-in-one machine is equipped with a fully automatic laminating and winding system, no need for manual labor Laminating, liberating labor, and high efficiency.

Moreover, this cost-effective A3 ACHI UV DTF printing and laminating all-in-one machine can also realize one-time printing, and at the same time meet the requirements of batch processing and customization.

ACHI UV DTF printer samples

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