Can i use other brand ink to my ACHI A3 UV DTF printer ? How to do tha– ACHIUVDTFprinter
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Can i use other brand ink to my ACHI A3 UV DTF printer ? How to do that ? Any Risks ?

Can i use other brand ink to my ACHI A3 UV DTF printer ? How to do that ?  Any Risks ?
Yes , ACHI A3 UV DTF printer support other brand UV ink.

Firstly, you must make sure that UV ink used to EPSON Printer head .

Secondly , Make sure you select the correct soft UV ink as below link

Thirdly, 500ml UV ink is better than 1000ml UV ink , because After the ink is opened, it is easy to precipitate, resulting in poor printing effect , even make nozzle clogged.

When you want to use another brand UV ink , below 5 steps is necessary to do .
1 empty the all ink bottles.
2 empty the ink sac.
3 add new ink .
4 extract 5ml from ink sac
5 extract 5 ml from waste ink tube, If nozzle status diagram not good , maybe 10ml or more .

One thing to be noticed : Do not clean the nozzle , maybe leads to nozzle clogged.

Above 5 steps are enough to help you exchange another brand UV ink ,no need to clean the nozzle .

Of course, using other brands of ink, there are the following possible risks, even if the ink has been replaced completely according to above tutorial.

Firstly, The ink density is much big difference with ACHI UV DTF printer , and This problem will leads to no ink to be printed.

Secondly, Other brands of ink maybe difficult to cure. Even if UV light of ACHI UV DTF printer has been turned on to the maximum power, the ink still cannot be completely cured after printing.

It leads to the ink is very easy to fall off when customer paste UVDTF sticker to something, which affects the sales of UVDTF sticker.

Thirdly, Seriously floating ink when printing .

Due to ink residue, Two different brand of UV ink will mix when printing and it maybe lead to seriously floating ink.

Therefore , In order to avoid above risks , The better option to use the UV ink of ACHI UV DTF printer .

For subsribed customer and old customer, The discount can be provided .

If want whole sales price , hope you can tell me quantity , The special shipping cost offer will be checked for you.

Varnish and White Ink:

Colors UV Ink:

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