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How should I choose AB film for my UV DTF Printer?

How should I choose AB film for my UV DTF Printer?

The AB film is main consumable part, Except for know to how to install AB film.

Choose correct AB film is also very important for UV DTF printer .

So There are many different suppliers about AB film , How to choose correct AB film?

Firstly , The better option buy the AB film from printer supplier.

The reason is most of supplier will look forwarder best match AB film to show UV DTF printer best performance .

But maybe AB film from printer supplier is too expensive .

Then , you should confirm correct size of AB film for your printer .

For example , If A3 size , The A film should be less than 30cm , but B film must be bigger than 30cm width.

Normally , It the B film should be 32 cm width.

For 60cm UV DTF printer , It is similar .

Thirdly , What kind of AB film i need to choose ?

There are white ground AB film , clear AB film , Gold AB film , Silver AB Film .

Actually , The difference is A film , The B film are same for above 4 kinds of different AB film .

The Gold and Silver A film used to high-end packge about special effect .

The viscosity adhesive is much better than white ground AB film and clear AB film .

Therefore , The silver A film is more expensive than other A film .

In other hand , Most popular film is White ground and clear A film.

Then ,What is the difference between white AB film and clear AB film?

White A B film is High viscosity adhesive film , Clear AB film is Low viscosity adhesive film.

If only use sticker to soft surface like carton , The clean film is better .

But easily fall off , especially on hard surface ,

If use widely and different kinds of material , The white AB film is only one option because more than 2 years lifetime.

meanwhile, If indeed more details about two kinds of AB film difference, A video can be sent later on .

Forth , What other performance of AB film need to pay attention ?
1 , Wash Test of prints
Some A film adhesive can not touch the water , Therefore you can ask supplier to provide sample for Wash test .

2 Temperature Test of prints
AB film adhesive can be widely used to outside product , and it can bear 100 ℃。

you can confirm what temperature for laminator , Normally , The temperature must be more than 40 ℃。

Fifth , One A B film support silicone material , Should i use it ?

For Silicone material , The sticker effect is not good . Suggest you make a real test according UVDTF stickers sample .

At last ,One AB film product link from ACHI UV DTF Printer for your reference

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