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What can i do when printer head of ACHI A3 Roll DTF printer situation very bad?

What can i do when printer head of ACHI A3 Roll DTF printer situation very bad?

Take it easy , Friend .

First step, Do the operations of ACHI A3 Roll DTF printer as below link

When extract ink from ink sac , hope you can check whether has air bubble in ink sac or in the syrings.

If yes , extract more ink to empty air bubble .

If ink sacs air bubble empty but syrings still has air bubble .hope you can check the ink tube whether damage.

When extract waste ink from back of ACHI A3 Roll DTF printer , hope you can check the waste ink whehter has air bubbles .

Meanwhile , Check whether waste ink can extracted successfully .

If waste ink can not be extract out , The waste ink pump maybe stuck .

Please clean waste ink pump and extract waste ink again .

If waste ink is very easily extracted out ,and many air , The waste ink pump maybe air leakge .

The pad of waste ink pump need to be good contact or to be replaced .

Second step , Nozzle check of ACHI A3 Roll DTF printer. If situation improved , you can try above operations additional 2 or 3 times .

If situation not improved , For L1800 mode , you can try strong clean from printer prereference function .

For R1390 mode , It does not support this function .

One important thing , Manully clean print head has big risk , it maybe damge mainboard .

Therefore hope you can ask printer repair store to do that , otherwise do not try it according to other videos .

Third step , Exchange ink sac position according to our instructions , This step used to check ink path whether clogged .

If Ink path are ok , It means the print head need to be replaced .

At last , The ACHI A3 Roll DTF printer for your reference


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