For new customers, what do you need to do when receive a ACHI A3 UV DT– ACHIUVDTFprinter
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For new customers, what do you need to do when receive a ACHI A3 UV DTF printer?

For new customers, what do you need to do when receive a ACHI A3 UV DTF printer?
First, after open packing box, find the U disk, watch the new customer video, or watch the new customer video through the following youtube link.

Second, install the teamviewer software from the U disk, connect the machine to the power supply, and turn it on.
Teamviewer installation

Third, install the skype software, and inform us of the skype ID, add the request through our skype, and then enter a new multi-person session of Skype chat

Fourth, send the teamviewer ID and password to the skype group, and the engineer will help you install the software through teamviewer.
Teamviewer ID

Among them, you may encounter the problem of anti-virus software prohibiting software installation, and you may need to cooperate to solve it.

Fifth, according to the video content of the new customer and engineer guidance,you can start to install AB film

Sixth, according to the requirements of the engineer, take pictures of both sides of the film to confirm that the film is installed correctly.

This process may take some time and waste some film, but please be patient.

Because 100% of the film paper is installed correctly. It is one of the keys to the stable operation of the printer in the future.

Seventh, add ink to the printer according to the new customer video, and extract ink from each ink bag, and finally extract waste ink from the waste ink tube.

Eighth, clean the print head, print the status map of the printer nozzle, and finally print the sample map according to the engineer's guidance.

meanwhile observe prints effect, All colors and varnish whether is correct .

Ninth, learn how to use PS to make spot color images, and set the front and rear and left and right printing spacing of each image ,

Finally, congratulations! Your amazing business can be started right now !

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