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What do new customers need to prepare for ACHI UV DTF printers?

What do new customers need to prepare for ACHI UV DTF printers?

Firsrtly, A Desktop Computer or Laptop with Windows system need to be prepared.

All software of ACHI UV DTF Printer do not support MAC system.

Secondly, The PC need have 2 usb port , it is better to have 3 USB port .

Becase One printer cable connection and one blue USB key need two USB port .

If only one USB port , All connection need to use adapter(USB extender device), That adapter speed must be more than 100Mbps。

Otherwise , The adapter will affect the printing effect of ACHI UVDTF printer.

Thirdly, If install the Anti-Virus software, Especially McAfee, The McAfee need to be uninstall.

Otherwise , The McAfee will automatically delete the printing software of ACHI UV DTF Printer

Forth. The skype software need to be installed into computer , because whatsapp is not stable in China .

The Skype is best option to provide customer service at present.

The download link is skype.com.

Fifth, ACHI UV DTF printer need to install two different kinds of software .

If want fast install software , The better option is that let our engineers of ACHI UV DTF printer to help you install software .

Therefore , It need to use remote control software to do it .

The download link is teamviewer.com.

Sixth ,Customer need to prepare Photoshop software in advance .

The Spot color file must be used photoshop to export TIF format.

Then import TIF format into RIIN software of ACHI UV DTF printer.

Two printer software link as below for your reference 



Seventh , Dust-free cloth or cleaning cotton swab, meanwhile , It need to prepare alcohol.


The maintenance of ACHI UV DTF printer need above parts to do.

The ACHI UV DTF Printer link as below for your reference 


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