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What things will leads to print head clogged of ACHI A3 UV DTF printer ?

What things will leads to print head clogged of ACHI A3 UV DTF printer ?

Normally, Print head clogged eason type and solution as below

1: Chemical blockage, often using inks of different properties to cause chemical reactions, which ink is not from ACHI A3 UV DTF Printer supplies, causing colloids to block the nozzle.

2: Debris blockage, this is when tiny objects in the ink enter the nozzle and block the ink outlet.

3: Dirty blockage, this type of blockage is generally caused by fluff or dust on the printing material

4: Damper Filter(ink sac) of ACHI A3 UV DTF Printer blockage, long-term use of inferior ink, larger substances and harmful solvents in the ink will be blocked in front of the filter, and it will be blocked over time.

5: Dry blockage, often caused by not using it for a long time. No moisturizing liquid is injected to maintain the nozzle.

The accessories from ACHI A3 UV DTF Printer official store include moisturzing kits together with the printer .

6: Gas plugging. Some inks have poor defoaming performance, and bubbles will be generated in the ink. Once the bubbles enter the nozzle, it is difficult to come out, causing gas plugging.

7: Bacterial corruption plugging: This type of plugging often occurs when the temperature is above 20 degrees. The bacteria in the ink multiply in large numbers, causing the ink to corrupt and degenerate, and flocculent corrupt substances appear inside the nozzle. (Use of expired ink or poor use environment)

8: Scaling plugging: Due to improper water treatment during the manufacturing process of some inks, the water is too hard. Long-term use of minerals in the water will scale in the nozzle, causing the effective diameter of the nozzle to become smaller, often starting with horizontal lines on the printed product. (Ink quality)

9: Oily plugging. The ink carriage needs lubricating oil. Sometimes the lubricating oil will spread to the nozzle, changing the physical properties of the nozzle, causing a similar plugging phenomenon. (This problem can be completely avoided by cleaning the bottom of the print head of ACHI A3 UV DTF Printer regularly)

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