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What kind of coating does a ACHI 6090&A3 UV printer need to use when printing special materials?

What kind of coating does a ACHI 6090&A3 UV printer need to use when printing special materials?

With the development of the printing industry and the continuous advancement of technology.

ACHI 6090&A3 UV printers, as a kind of "non-contact" inkjet printing equipment with objects can perform full-color printing without any material restrictions.

Then ,How to use ACHI 6090&A3 UV printers to print on various media?

General object materials can be printed directly with ink, but some special materials do not absorb ink, or the ink is difficult to adhere to their smooth surfaces.

In order to make sure The UV printer coating must simultaneously adhere firmly to the printing medium.

The surface of the object needs to be treated with paint to perfectly combine the ink with the printing medium.

Combine perfectly with the ink without any affecting the final expression of the ink on the medium, So it shows perfect printing effect by ACHI 6090&A3 UV printer .

Therefore Coatings and inks need to be selected for different printing media.

Normally , coatings are divided into metal coatings, ABS coatings, leather coatings, silicone coatings, glass coatings, PC coatings, etc.

1. Glass coating
Suitable for plexiglass, tempered glass, ceramics, ceramic tiles, crystal, etc., which require special treatment respectively, transparent and white, and can produce bright and shiny effects.

The requirements for resistance to boiling are high, and it is usually very important to combine it with white oil.

The white oil is not too strong, otherwise it will easily dissolve the pattern.

It is best to spray it twice.

2. PC coating
Hard materials that are usually difficult to pass through. It is suitable for materials starting with P, such as PS, PP, PVC, etc.

3. Metal coating
CP: Metal, the ink dries quickly; spraying requirements, the surface ink is thicker, otherwise it will fade easily;

DY: Metals and ceramics dry slightly slower than metals; suitable for aluminum, copper plates, tin-plated plates, aluminum alloys and other materials, and can also be used for ceramic tiles, tempered glass, etc. Special treatment is required, and transparent and white light treatments are required. Bright light and white light effect. The main reason is that the surface is smooth. For example, ceramics are smoother than glass, so DY is used.

4. ABS coating
CU, ABS bottles: acrylic, plastic, bamboo, wood. Pay attention to whether the surface is burned on the shell. ABS has a variety of materials, suitable for sheets, PVC, ABS, gypsum board, thickened kraft paper, acrylic, PS, PVC, and ordinary plastics.

They are available in transparent and white, and can be made into glossy and matte effects.

ABS bottle: It can be used according to the customer's material, specific judgment, spraying requirements, and uniform surface.

5. Leather coating
Suitable for leather, leather, PVC leather, PU leather, etc., available in transparent and white respectively, with gloss and matte effects.

6. Silicone coating
Suitable for silicone and rubber materials. The surface activity is poor and requires flame treatment, otherwise the adhesion will be insufficient.

Flame treatment requires experience.

The surface cannot be sprayed too thickly, otherwise it will not be easy to dry!

As summary ,Although the UV printer is called a universal printer, it only says that it can adapt to most printing materials.

Thefore , Customer need to consider whether the material how to seclect coating before print by ACHI 6090&A3 UV printer .

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